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What do we do?

In 2018, Solarge started developing lightweight, circular solar panels. These have a lower CO2 footprint than conventional solar panels. Sometimes images are better than words, watch our animation video to get a better picture.

Now we are busy building the first high-volume line in Weert. For this we are looking for enthusiastic and eager to learn go-getters. People who want to go on the adventure with us from start-up to scale-up.

Our Values

Sustainable Relationships

Growth Opportunities

Everyone Counts

We Do It Together

Our Team

Solarge employs a team of creative, innovative and driven people with a passion for technology and who would like to contribute to a sustainable future. People with challenging ideas, who are not afraid to take initiative and think outside the box.

Diversity is important to us. We have people from different nationalities and we strive for a balanced mix of people in our company.

As we are growing from a start-up to a scale-up, we are looking for people who join our team and who want to build Solarge as a company with us.

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